5 Apps for Students Who Want Good Grades


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Students today have modern ways to complete their assignments, solve math problems or learn something new. Thanks to technology and apps that can help them solve math problems, learn a new skill, and attend classes online. This was not easy at all for students some 10 to 15 years ago and students used to go to libraries, note down lectures, and complete their assignments after going through different books.

Today, many apps can let students get information on almost anything in the world. For this, they use Google, YouTube, and many other platforms where there are tons of videos, images, and other useful content that gets things done for them. 

Cable TV is also providing students of all ages with educational programs as well. Try getting WOW TV for your home and expand your kid’s knowledge – click here to order your TV plan now. Besides this, a few iOS apps can help students in ways while they are getting an education. Some of these apps are as follows. 


This is Freedom one of the best app and website blockers that enables users to block distractions on all devices including tablets, smartphones, and computers. It is very effective for students who want to maintain their focus and study more efficiently. The app lets you stay in control while using your devices and concentrate on your exams and assignments. You can connect to the app to block apps and websites that distract you regardless of location and work. 

Many students struggle to get more productive hours every day, the app lets them get done with their work, spend more time with their family, and get better grades. You can either use the app’s pre-made blocklist or create a customized blocklist with apps that distract you or consume more time. The best part is that you can do this using a single tap on the screen and applying settings to unlimited devices. 

App Store Rating: 3.9


This is a Forest innovative app with a very unique way of letting students maintain their focus using a gamified timer and save the earth as well. For people who have the habit of having a look at their smartphone screen now and then, the app provides them with an interesting way to stop doing this. 

Users can plant a seed in the Forest app and focus on their work. As you concentrate more on your work and spend less time on the phone, the seed grows into a tree, or else it withers away. 

Freedom lets users feel a sense of responsibility and achievement so that they can motivate themselves to stay away from their phones, tablets, etc. To keep a check of your statistics, you can sync the app with Apple Health as well. Besides this, the app lets users contribute to making the planet green by planting trees in real life. 

App Store Rating: 4.8

Chegg Study 

The Cheg Study app lets students have personalized support for the different courses they want to study, complete their assignments, and prepare for exams. It provides in-depth learning and understanding of the courses they have enrolled in and provides textbook solutions. 

Apart from that, the app offers help to students who want to complete their homework and get good grades in subjects like Math, Business, Physics, Chemistry, etc. Students around the world learn more than 80 subjects and hundreds of different courses online and get the best education. 

The best features offered by the app include 24/7 expert assistance for students, getting solutions by taking a picture of a difficult question, and submitting it to Chegg experts who provide a solution within 30 minutes. You can also get better grades using the app by creating your deck of flashcards and searching more than 500 million flashcards that are already present in the app’s library. 

App Store Rating: 4.7


The app allows students to use AI-based music that is designed for the Brain.fm It helps them focus, meditate, and relax within 15 minutes. This is a quick way to make your brain sharp and relax your mind so that you can start fresh for another day of study at school. The app is useful for students who have problems staying focused and relaxing after completing their studies. 

For users, the app provides free access for the first 5 sessions. Apart from that, the app lets the students download sessions offline so that they can relax their minds while traveling and exercise their brains as well. Apart from this, other useful features let students achieve better grades and study well at school. 

 App Store Rating: 4.4


In the end, one can say that there are so many apps that can help students of all ages with a simplified way to find information. They can use this information to complete their homework, prepare for exams and get good grades. These apps are very helpful and very easy to use for students of all ages.  

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