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According to rajkotupdates.news:gujarat-vidyapeeth-by-mahatma-gandhi-in-1920-will-invite-governor-acharya-devvrat ,the state governor, and ask him to serve as the university’s 12th Chancellor. During a protracted night time discussion, the governing council decided to accept the resignation of the incumbent chancellor, Ela Bhatt, a well-known Gandhian, social activist, and the creator of the Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), a group devoted to assisting low-income, independent women.

According to a statement issued by the Ahmedabad-based institution, “On October 4th, the Gujarat Vidyapith’s governing council met. Following careful consideration, it was decided to accept Chancellor Ela Bhatt’s departure and honor her wishes.” The announcement also noted that Ms. Bhatt will remain Chancellor through October 19th.


The announcement further disclosed that “Moreover, it was determined by a majority vote to invite Gujarat Governor Acharya Devvrat to take on the role of Gujarat Vidyapith’s 12th Chancellor. To invite the Governor, a delegation from Gujarat Vidyapith would be dispatched.” Because of her elderly age, Ms. Bhatt, 89, recently resigned from her role as Chancellor and asked the trustees to choose a suitable replacement. Ela Bhatt was chosen as the new Chancellor of the Gandhian Institute in March 2015 following the departure of the outgoing Chancellor, Narayan Desai.

Gujarat Vidyapith, which Mahatma Gandhi founded on October 18, 1920, had the privilege of being run by him as chancellor for the rest of his life. After he left office, respected figures like Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, and Morarji Desai took over as Chancellor of this 102-year-old institution of higher learning. After serving as the Governor of Himachal Pradesh, Acharya Devvrat was appointed Governor of Gujarat in June 2019.

In order to fill the office of Chancellor, it was decided to contact Governor Acharya Devvrat due to his stature and reputation as a prominent leader. This choice was made after a protracted council meeting that went into the night, Continue to read about rajkotupdates.news:gujarat-vidyapeeth-by-mahatma-gandhi-in-1920-will-invite-governor-acharya-devvrat. The governing council considers him to be the best choice to continue the mission and tenets of Mahatma Gandhi at Gujarat Vidyapith because of his experience and dedication to public service.

 From its foundation, Gujarat Vidyapith has been a center for the study of Gandhian philosophy and values. The institution has been instrumental in influencing Gujarat’s educational environment by emphasizing the promotion of indigenous education, self-reliance, and social empowerment. Its efforts and programmes have constantly tried to promote people’s overall development and inculcate a feeling of social responsibility.

 Despite being a time of transition, Ela Bhatt’s departure ushers Gujarat Vidyapith into a brand-new chapter. She made significant contributions to the university’s history as Chancellor and a tireless advocate for social justice and women’s empowerment. While the organization says goodbye to one outstanding leader, it anxiously anticipates the prospective appointment of Acharya Devvrat in the hopes that he would carry on Gujarat Vidyapith’s long heritage of visionary leadership.

The goals of the university community will be carried by the Gujarat Vidyapith delegation, which has been charged with inviting Governor Acharya Devvrat. The choice of the Chancellor is of utmost significance since it determines the course that the institution will take in the future. After thoughtful deliberation, the governing council is certain that Acharya Devvrat will take Gujarat Vidyapith to greater heights by promoting innovation, diversity, and a strong feeling of dedication to Gandhi’s teachings.

Gujarat Vidyapith is dedicated to sustaining its essential principles of truth, nonviolence, independence, and social justice as it gets ready for this major change. With a history entrenched in Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings, the institution continues to be a source of inspiration, raising up new generations of socially aware people who will advance society.

A harmonic fusion of Gandhian philosophy and modern leadership is promised with the selection of Governor Acharya Devvrat as the 12th Chancellor of Gujarat Vidyapith. It is evidence of Mahatma Gandhi’s ongoing legacy and a step in the direction of accomplishing his goals of inclusive education and social change. The next new chapter is eagerly anticipated by Gujarat Vidyapith, which is convinced that it will continue to shine as a light of education, social advancement, and Gandhian principles.

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