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LTK Cofounder Amber Venz Box Now One Of America’s Richest Self-Made Women After Softbank Fundraising

LTK is one of the exciting technology platforms that helps online users and social media lovers to shop through the favorite posts of Influencers. kenn whitaker Amber Venz Box is the co-founder and current owner of this LikeToKnow platform, also known as LTK. This company gets its funding from the venture capital company under the scheme of the Softbank vision fund.  

After getting the necessary finding, the company’s stake values are estimated to be $2 billion, and professionals estimate the net worth of the co-founder and the CEO as $315 million. Amber Venz box is 34 years self-made woman with thriving businesses, and her husband, Baxter box, is also a supportive reason behind her success. Baxter box is the CEO and co-founder of this LTK.

Details about the LTK tech platform

The basic idea of this platform is to make people buy products by just clicking on the post of social media influencers. People who are famous on social media and interact daily with their followers on those platforms will have different fanbases for their products. So, those people can tag the links of the products they use in their posts regularly.

This platform will help many retailers get orders and also help influencers earn through their posts. With these kinds of processes, people will get affiliate revenue according to the links they use in their social media posts, and it also helps the followers to get products as per their needs. So, this company supports more than 1 million brands and 5,000 plus retailers to enhance their businesses.

This company will take a commission cut for the posts on the platform and explain that they are the platform’s investors. Similarly, they expect the creators to provide a better shopping experience to their followers. And they also ask the creators to offer an experience that should be competitive with the retail experience that people have in the real world.

The new brand and its development

After seeing success in the tech platform, LTK launched as a new brand in September by combining their rewardStyle and LIKEtoKNOW under a single name as a tech platform company. The annual sales generation of brands is more than $3 billion, and according to the CEO’s statement, 10 to 20% of the profit will be for the influencers who work hard to make this happen.  

Most influencers on this platform are women, specifically midwestern moms, and hijab-wearing city slickers who post things related to fashion, fitness, home, beauty, and several different lifestyle topics. lisa marie presley This platform helps them, and more than 130 influencers have changed into self-made milliners from their revenue with this platform.

The product promotions in this platform help influencers earn more and help their followers get better products from their favorite influencers. This platform also allows the influencers to create their virtual store to sell the products and generate revenue in their business. So, all these factors make this platform a successful idea.

Comparing with other social media platforms

People think this platform is similar to other social media platforms like Instagram, which has a unique shopping option within the application. But Lydia Jett thinks differently about this LTK platform. She is the managing partner of SoftBank, which provided the investment of $300 million for this tech platform.

Due to various reasons like marketing support and access to create a virtual storefront, and several attractive features, this platform is different from other social media platforms that help with sales. Similarly, influencers using LTK will access analytics, marketing, and direct connections with brands to reach their appropriate audience.


So, these are some details that help to know about LTK and the founders of this company. This platform provides revenue options to various people who like to earn from their passion. It also helps retailers enhance their businesses by connecting with perfect customers who need those retail products. 

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