Victoria Chlebowski: Bio, Age, Relationships, Career, Net Worth & More


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In Russia, Victoria Imperioli was born in the year 1966. She was called Victoria Chlebowski. The actress is 56 years old, as well. Victoria is a Christian and a dual citizen of Russia and the United States. Victoria Imperioli went to a Private High School in California before attending an Elite College in the United States. Given that she has never spoken publicly about her parents, childhood, or previous relationships, the actress appears to be rather private about her personal life.

Value of Victoria Imperioli as of 2023

Victoria Chlebowski had to be making a fortune from her flourishing profession. The estimated net worth of Victoria Imperioli is between $500k. Victoria’s work as an actor, producer, and businesswoman is also the main source of her income. She has also made money from her company, movies, and television shows. Her husband, on the other hand, is extremely wealthy, with a net worth of almost $200 million. Michael has been making money off of his career as an actor and director.

Victoria Chlebowski State of Relationships

Famous actor, author, and director Michael Imperioli is Victoria’s husband. Victoria Chlebowski changed her name to Victoria Imperioli and added her husband’s last name. The couple dated for a very long period before finally getting married in 1995.The couple’s closest friends and relatives were present for the private ceremony. Victoria has married twice before. Also, the couple has two children together. Vadim Imperioli, their older son, was born in 1997. Moreover, David Imperioli, their younger son, was born in 2001.

Additionally, the couple’s older son, Vadim Imperioli, has already started his career in acting, following in his parent’s footsteps. In 2010, he worked 1-8-7 in Detroit. The actor is a YouTuber and comedian as well. In addition, Victoria has a daughter from a prior union. She had adopted by Michael Imperioli, her second father, and goes by the name Isabella Chlebowski. Victoria also hasn’t spoken anything about her first marriage. Also, when Vadim Imperioli was spray-painting his college’s wall with Swastik, police detained him. Aside from this, the well-known actress has avoided further scandals up until this point.

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Victoria Chlebowski Occupational Life

The well-known actor and her business partner, Sonya Chang, founded their design company, SVE New York, in 2015. Along with her business partner, Victoria Imperioli has frequently directed a number of movies and television programs, including the sixth season premiere of The Sopranos in New York City and the eleventh Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles, California. Victoria has had her husband’s support in every aspect of her life.

On January 20, 2016, in West Hollywood, California, Michael and movie producer Victoria Imperioli both attended the opening of Amazon’s Mad Dogs series. In addition, Victoria produced the film The Hungry Ghosts. Her husband, Michael Imperioli, wrote and directed the same film. Similarly to this, Victoria also played the part of Laszlo in the movie JOY de V. It was released on January 20th, 2013. The actress also has a job designing sets. Along with her spouse, Victoria opened a bar in Chelsea called Ciel Rouge. Victoria Imperioli has a variety of interests outside of her business and professional life, including traveling, reading, listening to music, and cooking.

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